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Good morning and Happy first Friday of Fall! It is still in the mid 80s and gross out here, but the end has to be near right? And it’s officially pumpkin season! Hope you all had a good week. It has been a whirlwind here and I’m happy to be sharing some fun things for my five on friday today!

Fall Decor


I’m hoping to finally decorate the house for fall this weekend. One new addition that has already Amazon primed itself to me are these cute buffalo check pillow covers. I am still swooning over buffalo check this year and these puppies were such a steal for only $7 each! And they’re of good quality. Grab them here.

BeautyCounter for Target

Beautycounter Clean Slate Set


Surprisingly, I’ve kept my BC for Target purchases to a minimum so far and stuck with the Clean Slate Set, which includes the Charcoal Cleansing Bar and the Nourishing Face Oil. I am really loving it so far. I’ve been using it for about a week now and while it hasn’t cleared up all my acne, I can see an improvement. I also love how great both products make my skin feel – so soft and nourished! Have any of you tried any new BC products you recommend?

Date Night


Michael and I were able to have another date night last Friday – I know, twice in one month is crazy! We tried out the Salty Cowboy in the village of Zionsville. It’s such a cute area, and I can’t help but snap all the pictures while we’re there. The nachos were by far the favorite at dinner and I’ll definitely be ordering them next time. Afterwards, we went to see Bridget Jones’s Baby, which I thought was cute! Michael on the other hand fell asleep. lol. Did anyone else see it yet?

Essie Gel Couture in Touch Up


I am loving this color from the Essie Gel Couture line. It’s a late summer/fall color without being too dark and gloomy. I will say that the Essie Gel polish is pretty thick and takes too long to dry! It does last a decent amount of time though. The Sally Hansen gel polish doesn’t last as long, but is much quicker application. Just fyi.

A Cute Poncho from you’ll never guess where
Find it here
Find it here

You guys will never believe where I bought this poncho. I’m a little embarrassed to admit it! We were out grabbing dinner at the ole’ Cracker Barrel when I was perusing their store (attempting to entertain the toddler) and happened upon it. Cracker Barrel, you guys! Am I just old and out of style? Have I lost my mind? I don’t know, but I think it’s cute.

Thanks for your support!


After countless late nights and naptimes spent working on it, The 2017 Planner Collection launched on Tuesday in my shop! Thank you all so much for your support on launch day! ICYMI, you can check out all the details here. And you can still use the coupon code BLOGFRIENDS20 for 20% off your purchase of $20 or more on anything in the Belle Paper Market shop!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

I’m living the single life tonight and meeting up with one of my girlfriends for dinner tonight! Girls night! Have a good one, friends!


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  • Biana Perez

    I totally forgot about the BC for Target collection – need to check that out for sure! I love the new essie line – I wonder if you got a bad bottle or something…mine isn’t really thick at all…or maybe I got a bad bottle LOL! Happy Friday! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    • lol. I think it’s normal Essie thickness. I was just hoping it would be quicker to dry and apply than the normal one. I just have to be careful with it! Have a good weekend girl!

  • Ashley Angle

    That shaw is so cute! Can’t believe you found it at Cracker Barrell and that it’s so cheap! It’s still in the 80s here too, which I shouldn’t complain about because I’m going to miss it as soon as it gets cooler and stays cooler. Hope you have an awesome weekend!
    Ashley // A Cute Angle //

    • Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks it’s cute! And yes, I couldn’t believe I bought it from CB and at such a good price. Now, just waiting to wear it!

  • Mackensey Stang

    Enjoy your girls night out those are the best! I actually do BC outside of the target launch and the dew skin tinted moisturizer is amazing! And have you checked out the baby line?! AMAZING and actually why I decided to join in the first place. I need to check out the planners ASAP!

    • Thank you! I haven’t checked out the baby line, but I’m sure it’s just as amazing as the rest of their products! I am interested in their makeup too, but wonder if it’s full coverage enough for me!

      • Mackensey Stang

        I guess it would depend how heavy of coverage you usually need. They have more of a tinted moisturizer, but also a full foundation. I actually have a few samples, if you would want to try one before making an actual purchase at all send me an e-mail! :-)

  • Hannah Roberts

    Love your picks – and your nachos look amazing :) ~Hannah

  • Caitlyn

    I love those pillows!! That’s one of the things I need up update in our living room too for Fall. I think I need to get that BC set.. I bought the eye cream and night cream combo and haven’t seen much of a difference yet but its only been a couple days. Have a fun weekend, friend!!

    • Definitely check out those pillows! I was so glad to find some that didn’t break the bank! I’ve tried the eye and night cream too and really like how it feels!

  • I LOVE that Essie color!! I have been thinking about trying the gel polish too. That poncho is super cute too, great find! It is still pretty warm here too. I feel like I have nothing to wear haha. Yay to girls night out!! I hope that you have fun and have a fab weekend!! xoxo P.S. I got that paper from Amazon!! :-)

    • You should try the Essie color! It’s so pretty. I know what you mean about feeling like you have nothing to wear. I want to break out all my fall things, but it’s too hot! Ugh. Hope you have a great weekend lady! Miss you!

  • My whole post is about BC today, so hopefully there’s a couple recommendations over there that will help you! I have those same Amazon pillow covers, and I love them!

    • Just checked it out! Great reviews. I’m still trying to get some hormonal acne under control over here. Having a baby just totally through off my skin! Ugh.

  • Those nachos look amazing! They are one my favorite things to order when we go out. Those buffalo check pillows are such a steal! I’m due for some new pillow covers so I might have to order a few!

  • That Essie color is so perfect!! I might have to go grab that after work! It’s also in the 80s here too and I’m so over it!! Bring on the fall temps!

  • Those pillow covers??! Yes, please!! Awesome find!! And you did such an amazing job on designing your planners – majorly impressed, girlfriend!!

    • Thanks lady!! And yes, I am loving those pillow covers! Definitely scoop some up for yourself!

  • So much goodness here! Those nachos look amazing, I laughed about Michael falling asleep at the movie theater (I’m dying to see that movie, but can’t even talk Nick into the idea of going with me!) and I would TOTALLY have bought that from Cracker Barrel, too!! So cute!

    • I don’t know how I managed to get the hubs to see Bridget Jones with me, but I did not question it! haha.

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    I love fall decor! Is it just me or does it make your house feel 10x more cozy?! :)

    Edye |

  • The new poncho is so cute- I had no idea Cracker Barrel even sold clothes, so I definitely feel out of touch, haha. I love when you try a new restaurant and end up loving what you ordered! Yay for a date night :)

    • Thanks! It’s sad the number of times we go to Cracker Barrel. lol. It’s the closest restaurant to our house and kid-friendly, so it happens. Not my favorite, but I’m glad I found something cute there, regardless!

  • Julie Joy

    I’ve heard great things about the BC products! You’ll have to let us know which are your favs and worth trying! Yay for another date night! I love that Essie polish color! Pinks are my fav nail polish colors!

    • I’m still really liking the charcoal face wash. But some other products I’ve tried have caused some acne flair ups which I’m super sad about because they made my skin feel so great and soft!

      • Julie Joy

        Aww! That’s a bummer! I’ve been wanting to try a charcoal mask! Just haven’t taken the time to do the research on which one to try! So I’ll definitely keep BC in mind!

  • I am so ready for Fall, bring on all the decor and clothes! Loving that Essie color too! Xo, Stephanie

  • I love those pillow covers! I’m so behind on all things fall. My house isn’t even decorated yet!

  • mdb0112

    I love BeautyCounter so much! I just bought an order right before, so I haven’t stocked up at Target, but I’m loving the selection! Love that poncho, too! xx, I’m Fixin’ To