Hooray It’s Launch Day!

 Printable Planner Cover Pages

All new layouts. All new designs. And lots of choices so you can create the planner that fits your lifestyle.

For the 2017 collection, I drew inspiration from vintage labels and the farmhouse aesthetic. The result is a clean and simple design, but an oh-so-functional do-it-all planner that comes with lots of options, so you can…

  • …Create Your Own Planner

  • Choose your accent color, choose your daily or weekly layout and add in your choice of extras and organize it all with your favorite cover and divider designs.
  • + Each layout comes in three signature accent colors: blush, sea salt and lilac grey
  • + All layouts are designed to be 5.5″ x 8.5″ (half letter), which makes it a portable size, yet still easy to print

Without further ado, I’m so excited to introduce the 2017 Planner Collection from Belle Paper Market!


  • Custom Covers and Divider Pages

    While creating this planner collection I really tried to make something cohesive with a branded look and feel in mind. The custom covers and divider pages come in three muted, but refined colors, and six artistic brushstroke designs.

    • + 18 custom-designed cover and divider pages (36 pages total)


  • The Daily Collection

  • I am loving the new Daily Collection! There are two layout options – for those of you that are list oriented, The Daily List Planner (Option 1) tracks your to do list, list of errands and phone calls, with sections for morning, afternoon and evening plans. For those of you that are more appointment driven, The Daily Schedule Planner (Option 2) features an hourly schedule, plus a checklist for your top 5 priorities of the day and your to do list. Both daily planners have space for meal planning, fitness planning and water intake tracking.
  • + Two Undated Daily Layout Options
  • + Week at a Glance Page w/Weekly To Do List


The Weekly Collection

The Weekly Collection has four great options to view your week on one spread. There are three horizontal options, plus a new vertical option.
+ Four Undated Weekly Layout Options (Horizontal and Vertical Spreads)


The 2017 Monthly Collection

The Monthly Collection keeps your monthly dates at hand while maximizing extra space to track monthly goals, tasks or reminders along with notes and inspirational quotes.

  • + January – December 2017 Monthly spread on two pages
    + 2017 Year at a Glance
  • + Important Dates


  • The Meal Planning Collection

  • The Meal Planning Collection really helps you plan and grocery shop on the go. A divided grocery list keeps you from missing any items while you’re in that section (or from rewriting your grocery list according to section!). Keep a list of your favorite meals to reference when you’re trying to think of what to cook or grocery shop for. Plus, keep a list of ingredients for your top meals so you can make a grocery list on the go or grab necessities while shopping.
  • + Weekly Meal Plan spread
  • + Weekly Meal Plan on one page
  • + Divided Grocery List
  • + Favorite Meals Reference Sheet
  • + List of Ingredients for Favorite Meals Reference Sheet
  • + Household Projects or Chores Pages


  • The Goal Planning Collection

  • A goal without a plan is just a wish. The Goal Planning Collection makes it easy to accomplish goals. Write down your goals for the year and for each month, then create action steps and task lists to make them happen.
  • + 2017 Resolutions
  • + Monthly Goals + Action Steps
  • + Goal Action Plan and Task List



  • + Gift Ideas w/Budgeting
  • + Notes and To Do List Pages

What do you think? I hope they’ll be helpful and bring some peace of mind to some of you. It really does help to get those lists and thoughts down on paper!

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