Logan: 15 Months

Logan15MonthIt’s been a few months since I’ve done a Logan update. Since we’re at 15 months – almost 16 now! – and because there are so many new little things he’s been doing lately that I want to remember, I thought I’d grace the blog with some Logie-goodness. :) You’re welcome.

Post school and post sprinkler. Aka soaked and a little dirty.

Fun Fact: Two years ago tomorrow I took a pregnancy test and found out this little bug was on the way! Crazy.

Stats: 24.03 lbs, 31 inches tall

Clothes: In 18-24 month clothes and inching closer to 24 month than 18. Size 6 shoes. We just moved up to size 6 diapers. Growing seems to finally be slowing down a little bit!

Sleep: Most days sleep is pretty good. He takes one nap a day, usually about 2 hours sometime between 12:30 and 3:00. Typically he’s asleep by 8pm and up around 7am. Every now and then he’ll wake up in the middle of the night and refuses to be put back down, so he’ll sleep with us. Always in the middle of the bed. Always ends up laying sideways, kicking one of us. :)

Diet: He is a good little eater! It is amazing how much he can pack away. He loves eggs, fruit, black beans and bread. :)

‘Ole six tooth

Milestones: Gosh he is really starting to talk up a storm these days and he understands things now! It’s so much fun. He understands when you ask him to “go get your shoes” or “put the book in the basket” and so much more. His vocabulary has really taken off lately too. He can say ball, shoes, socks, ‘side (for outside), book, car, truck, duck, moo, ruff ruff, dog, cat, ‘orse (for horse), buh buh, mama, dada, splash, blblbl (for banana), milk, snack, nose, ears, eyes, no, uh oh, yay, whoa.  He knows and says lots of animal names and the noises they make. Whenever he hears or sees a dog, he’ll start going “ruff ruff.” Absolutely obsessed with dogs. He loves watching anything on tv with real animals.

Looking for creatures at the zoo
Looking for creatures at the zoo

He knows where his ears, nose, eyes and belly are and thinks it’s hilarious to point to other people’s nose or tug on their ears. If you ask him where his belly is he’ll lift up his shirt and rub his belly for you. Speaking of, he’s really thinned out since he started walking running. He looks like such a big kid now! He’s still a total blue-eyed blondie though.

Eating some sand. As one does.

I’m still working with him on what exactly a kiss is, but he’s getting it and I get a sloppy one every now and then. All the heart eyes. If you ask him for a hug, he’ll lean his head against your cheek/shoulder. He can also “blow” kisses, but mainly does it because he likes making the smacking noise. He has a couple little girlfriends at school who he gets so excited to see in the morning and he’ll go up and give them a hug. We’re working on “gentle touches” as he has learned to hit when he’s mad sometimes. Joy.

He also loves balls and can spot them for a mile away. Michael continues to work with him on throwing, catching and putting the ball in his basketball hoop. The kid doesn’t have a chance, sports are in his future.


Watching his first baseball game
Watching his first baseball game

He LOVES playing in the water. He helps me water the flowers when we get home and will usually end up completely soaked one way or another and then will do the mad cry when I take him inside. He loves bathtime – splashing around and trying to drink water out of his toy cups. We took him to the pool for the first time in July and he just loved it. Water baby all the way.

He loves reading books. He’ll pick one out and then come plop down in his spot on my lap. His favorites right now are Little Blue Truck (loves anything with farm animals these days) and Polar Bear, Polar Bear. He loves dancing to music. He’s so good at playing independently, but also has his moments when he just can’t be out of his mama’s arms or the world will end. That’s usually when I’m trying to get us ready for work/school or cooking dinner!


He is always on the go and won’t slow down until he is forced to (aka I turn out lights and rock him to nap on the weekends, or he’ll go down in his carseat if he’s really tired). He is so strong too, we call him the Incredible Hulk/Hulky when he’s moving furniture around the house. Michael and I are usually exhausted by the time the weekend is over. He is just so busy and into everything, but it’s such a fun stage! I know I say that at every stage, but I’m just willing time to slow down over here. Love you, Logie Bear.




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  • Biana Perez

    I can’t believe how big he’s getting!! So happy that he’s healthy – eats well and is at such a fun age for you! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  • I love the picture of him watching his first baseball game, he looks so into it :) I’m sure it’s so amazing as he’s starting to talk and pick up on so many things.

  • I’ve told a few of my friends that I think the “one year old” stage is totally underrated. No one ever told me how much fun it is! I thought it was a really awesome stage and look forward to it with Sadie! Logan is so precious and I think he totally looks like you!

    • It is a fun stage for sure! And thanks! I don’t think anyone ever thinks he looks like me, but he does look like my dad, so that’s fun!

  • Laura Keenan

    Goodness what a perfect little man! He totally has thinned out! That didn’t happen to Finn. He’s got a good three lbs on Logan. And Little Blue Truck is a favorite around here. They just realized a Halloween one!

    • I saw the Halloween version! It’s on Logan’s Amazon wishlist currently and I should probably get it before it goes out of stock or the $$ goes up!

  • Julie Joy

    Goodness he looks so grown up! What a big boy! And smart too! Him and Remi sound a lot alike with their obsession with dogs, animals, and water. :)

    • He definitely doesn’t look anything like a baby anymore! :( I wish you guys lived closer and then L and R could be besties!

  • What a cutie pie!! Love the update on him and everything he’s into! So cute. Have a great weekend!!