Day in the Life {Working Mom}

Hey friends! Today I’m sharing what a typical weekday looks like for us right now. I’ve seen other people do similar posts and I love seeing how other people manage their days as a mom. This was also a post some of you suggested from the reader survey, so thank you whoever suggested that!

This is a typical weekday, but you know every day is not the same with a toddler! For reference, my little man is currently ~15 months and the hubs and I both work full time jobs. My husband works at a different location every week, so sometimes he’s home at 6:00, sometimes 8:00 or sometimes he’s out of town for the week, so our set routine is just Logan and I. If Michael is home then it’s a bonus – we get an extra set of hands in the evening!

6:45 am – My alarm goes off. I usually hit snooze once unless I’m feeling unusually awake or if I hear Logan waking up already. I get up no later than 7:00 and get myself ready for work. If Logan wakes up early which is usually about 60% of the time, he either plays in the bathroom or I sit him on the bathroom counter while I get ready and attempt to keep him out of my makeup and feminine products. This is no easy feat!


7:30 am – If Logan’s still asleep I go in to wake him up, get him dressed and we head downstairs. I finish getting our stuff together downstairs, and we head out the door.

7:50 am – Out the door and on the way to school/work. Logan usually reads a book on the way to school. If JT’s Can’t Stop the Feeling comes on, he’ll break out the dance moves. I’ve been having a breakfast bar and a chai tea latte for breakfast on the way in lately and Logan eats breakfast at school.

8:15 am – We arrive at school and I take Logan into his classroom, sign him in and kiss him goodbye for the day. He’s very stingy with his kisses but sometimes I get a “buh buh” and a wave. Sometimes he’s too busy with breakfast to worry about if I’m still there or not, other times he’s upset when I leave. You never know what you’re going to get! Then I get back in the car and head to work.

8:30 am  – I arrive at work and my work day gets started. I check and answer emails and then get started on my to do list. I just switched my to do list from a notepad to Trello and am loving it so far.

12:00 pm – I try to catch up on blogging/emails or etsy shop business over lunch or occasionally I’ll run errands. Unfortunately, there isn’t much nearby or else all of my grocery shopping/errands would be done during my lunch!

5:00 pm – I leave work at 5:00 on the dot. If I leave much later it throws off our whole evening routine! I pull up the daycare app on my phone to see how Logan’s day went, when he was last changed and what he had to eat throughout the day. Yep, #theresanappforthat.

5:15 pm – I arrive at daycare to pick up Logan. I always get a happy laugh and a running hug when I pick him up, which makes me melt!


5:30 pm – We’re in the car headed home. Sometimes Logan will fall asleep on the way home, but not as much anymore since he moved to his new classroom and takes a longer nap during the day. I usually talk to my mom on the phone during my drive and she attempts to talk to Logan too. He usually reads his book and babbles in the backseat.

6:00 pm – We get home and I get us and all our stuff in the house. Logan has been helping me water the flowers when we get home too, which consists of him playing in the water and getting soaking wet. Once inside, I usually try to change into lounge clothes for the evening so I don’t ruin my work clothes.

6:15 pm – Dinner for both of us. I try to make meals ahead on the weekends, but a lot of times I scrounge up whatever will work for us!

6:30 – 7:00 pm – Playtime with Logan. If it’s not too hot Logan will play in his water table or sand bin outside. Sometimes we’ll go for a walk with Logan in his car, but I find it’s usually better for him to be mobile and blow off some energy before bedtime. Lately it’s been too steamy out, so we stay inside and he’s been loving playing with his barn and farm animals. Occasionally if he’s extra fussy or if I’m extra tired we’ll put on some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and snuggle up on the couch.


7:00 pm – We start our bedtime routine with a bath, followed by jammies, books and bedtime. He’s not into being rocked as much anymore and likes to walk around and get out new books to read. His favorites right now are Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear? and Little Blue Truck. I think I’ve read those a thousand times now and have them memorized!


7:30/7:45 pm – Lights out for Logan. I hold him while I sing our nightly song of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and then put him in his crib. He’s been really loving the blanket and teddy we’ve introduced to his nightly routine and he seems to settle a little bit easier when I put them in his crib with him. I tell him goodnight and leave the room.

7:45 pm – Typically, I take my makeup off while he settles himself to sleep, staying upstairs in case he struggles. These days he’s really good about putting himself to sleep though. Occasionally I’ll lay down and take a few minutes to breathe and check my Instagram and email.


8:00 pm – If it’s a good day, I hop in the shower while I’ve still got some energy left. Then I head downstairs with the monitor.

8:30 – 10:00 pm – I try to at least load the dishes, clean up the highchair, and put away toys every night, but that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes I’ll do more cleaning, work on a project or blog, but a lot of times I’ll just relax and watch some TV. It varies between being really productive to being a total lazy bum depending on how tired I am. Lately I’ve been working on new planner designs for the shop and staying up too late!

10:00/11:00 pm – Bedtime for mama.

And that’s our day! Our weekdays are not all that exciting since I work full time. I hate that I have such a limited amount of time to spend with Logan until bedtime, but we definitely make up for that on the weekends. I just wish there were a couple more hours in my day!



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  • How cool that there’s an app for that! I used to be able to watch Walker via the cameras in his room, but that app thing is pretty darn cool! And yes to “Little Blue Truck!” Walker will still randomly walk over to me and say, “Honk, coming through! I’ve big important things to do!” Haha! You’re an awesome mama to Logan! :)

  • oh my gosh, i love that he reads a book in the car. cutest thing i have ever seen. and how awesome that the daycare has an app and you can see how his day went?! 2016 everybody hahaha.

  • I can only imagine how sweet it is to have him run and hug you when you pick him up every day! And so cool that you can check up on him via an app!

  • Your daycare drop off and pick up sounds just like ours! I usually try to get my husband to do drop off since its harder.. haha. That’s so cool that your daycare has an app! I think working full time really makes you soak in that fun hour before bedtime and the weekends even more!

  • Katie Elizabeth

    I LOVE day in the life posts!! Especially ones with young kids… gives me a good idea of (somewhat) what to expect in the future :) I need to do one with Haddie before I forget all about these crazy times!

  • This sounds a lot like my day! It’s so cool you have a daycare app! All I get is a piece of paper when I pick her up. An app would be great! The daycare pickup is 100% the best part of my day :)

  • Julie Joy

    There’s an app for day care?! How genius is that! Love these types of posts! Busy Mama!

    • The app is nice! It was really helpful when he was an infant. But it’s fun to get pictures and videos of fun things they do everyday too! Makes it a little bit easier to be away.