A Weekend at Home

It was so nice to be home with little plans this weekend, but that didn’t stop me from filling it up with lots of stuff! Here’s what we were up to this weekend… I did not take very many pictures this weekend as I was busy living life. You know how it goes.

Friday night Michael requested that we get out of the house for dinner, so we ventured out to our nearest fine dining establishment, Cracker Barrel. It’s close to our house and toddler friendly, so I’ll take it. Afterwards we headed to Lowe’s. I wanted to get Logan some play sand and look at options for our front landscaping. Michael decided to get a fire pit (yay!) and I also picked up an adirondack chair for Logan which he loves and is so cute! After Logan’s bedtime, Michael got the fire pit going and we spent some time outside.

Logan enjoying the race car cart
Logan enjoying the race car cart

On Saturday we had a lazy morning (Logan slept in late!) and then headed out to my company picnic for lunch. It started pouring down rain the moment we got there, so it wasn’t too pleasant. We stayed for the obligatory hour and then headed back home where we had a pretty lazy afternoon. My parents came up to visit that afternoon and we went out to dinner with them at our local Mexican restaurant. Logan ate his weight in chicken from our various Mexican dishes. We stopped at our city park to burn off some energy and Logan wanted to play in all the puddles. We stopped for ice cream on the way home and my parents introduced Logan to ice cream which he loved and probably ate way too much of. After bed time, Michael put on The Bachelorette and we started watching the latest season. I might be sucked in already!

Me and my lil bestie
Me and my lil bestie hanging on the couch Sunday morning

Sunday morning Logan woke up really early, so Michael and I took turns with him while the other one of us slept a little longer. We met our friends for brunch and I decided that we may have to do brunch at home from now on. I barely get to catch up with them while trying to tame the monster that is a toddler at a restaurant. Oof. After all that he was asleep in the car the second we strapped him in, so we headed to Buy Buy Baby to get a baby gate and a couple other things to do more baby proofing. The kid is into everything and creates a path of destruction in every room he’s in! We came home and made a successful transfer to the crib and he continued to sleep for a long time. I think he may have had close to a 3 hour nap all together. Glorious!

So, while he napped, Michael and I got to work on our front landscaping. We ripped out the existing ugly shrubs in the front of our house, tilled up the ground, mixed in organic soil and expanded the edge. Once Logan woke up we all headed back to Lowe’s to purchase plants and more supplies. It was a lot more expensive than I expected, but it’s looking so much better. After a short break for bath and bedtime for Logan, I was back at it digging holes and planting boxwoods, hostas and hydrangeas. I am so scared I’m gong to kill the hydrangeas! Our soil is not the best so say a little prayer for me that they survive! I still have more to do, but I finally went inside to scrub off the layers of sweat and dirt and get ready for bed at 9 pm. So tired! But such a productive day! With that the weekend was over. Hoping to make some more progress on the yard this week!


Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  • I love the landscaping!!! How does everyone in blog land know how to do this?! It’s on my to do list but I’m so overwhelmed and don’t know where to start!!

  • You guys did a great job with your landscaping!! Doing that stuff is exhausting though!!! Logan is so cute in that cart hehe. Crackel Barrel is really good too! :-) I’m glad that you had a nice weekend and I hope that you have a wonderful day! xoxo

  • Going out with toddlers really is hard..unless it is a date night just us two we have resorted to takeout for this season of life 😉 so jealous you have Cracker Barrel, we don’t have any up here!

  • Oh I hope your hydrangeas make it; they are gorgeous! I am obsessed with them but my gardens get far too much sun so they can’t handle it. If your soil isn’t great, I would also add in peat moss and steer manuer each year! Gardening is expensive, but so worth it!

  • So fun to get a firepit– I wish we had space to get one, though I would probably be way too tempted to have toasted marshmallows 24/7, haha. Your new landscape looks amazing. We have a pretty big hydrangea bush, but it only seems to bloom every other year!

  • Isn’t it ridiculous how expensive landscaping can be?! We only are on section two of three in our front yard, and we haven’t even begun to tackle the backyard. It is SO much work, but yours looks fantastic so far. Glad that you had a good weekend!

  • Sounds like a great weekend! I love your flower bed! A 3 hour nap?! Nice!!!

  • Emily

    So impressively productive. Teach me!!

  • It turned out well!! I love how you didn’t apologize for a lot of pics (you had plenty, doll!). We feel such an unspoken pressure to document it ALL, esp for blogs/social media, so it’s great to see that you were living life–love that!

  • You guys had a productive weekend! We got Camden the same adirondack chair for our back porch and he loves it! Your landscaping is looking good! Gotta love those 3 hour naps!

  • Weekends with few plans that you fill up yourself are the best! We’re looking forward to another one of those this weekend!

  • Hurray for a fire pit! That’s definitely going to make for some amazing summer nights!
    Xo, Evelina @ Fortunate House

  • We definitely can relate with the eating out with a toddler. We try to eat outside now as much as possible. And, we totally now let him watch Paw Patrol on our phone if necessary. Whatever works, haha! The fire pit is going to be really fun this summer.

  • Julie Joy

    Love it! The landscaping looks great! Hopefully the plants do well!