Five on Friday: Paint Colors

Hello! Happy Friday! This week has been a whirlwind. Like I mentioned on Monday, we accepted the seller’s counter offer on a house and are in the inspection phase of the whole house buying process. We’re also now scrambling to declutter and depersonalize our house to go on the market next week. Yowza. It’s a lot of work.  

I’ve also been put in charge of picking out paint colors for the new house and it is a bit overwhelming! Especially when I’ll be on a time limit. We want to repaint pretty much the entire house except for the master bed/bath before we move in, so if I don’t get it down I’ll hold up the whole moving process. Boo.

Right now the house is a tan/yellow color. While it doesn’t look terrible, it doesn’t go with any of our stuff and it’s definitely not our style. Plus I think we’ll be much more in love with the house once it’s painted to our liking. And that will satisfy me for awhile until we can afford to make some small updates (don’t get me started on some of the fixtures in this house).

Here is a little sneak peak at our house so you have an idea what I’m working with for paint colors. I’ll do a full tour once we close! As you can see there are lots of windows/natural light and dark brown cabinets. We’ll be adding our charcoal grey sofas in the living room, so I don’t want that area to be too dark, but I also want the trim to pop. 


Paint colors for the whole. entire. house. Woof.

We’re sticking with greys and maybe some greys with blue undertones. What are your favorites that I should check out? 

Also, since the entire downstairs is an open floor plan with lots of windows. I’d like to have some lighter colors, but also incorporate some deeper shades on the first floor, but with the open concept I don’t know how to do it. Any suggestions?

Help a girl out! 

My “five” this week are some inspirational paint photos. Enjoy and have a great weekend friends! I’ll be knee deep in boxes and paint swatches if you’re looking for me. :) 

BM Coventry Grey

Coventry Grey

I really like Coventry Grey as a possibility for the a main lighter color on the main floor as well as upstairs in the loft, nursery and extra bedrooms. I think it’s just dark enough to pop against white trim, but doesn’t look dark/drab. It also looks ok against dark wood pieces (like our cabinets and stair rail). Other contenders for this category are Stonington Grey or Grey Owl.

BM Grey Owl

BM Grey Owl
BM Grey Owl

Slightly lighter than Coventry grey, but seems to go with pretty much anything.

BM Storm


Storm is a nice medium grey color that adds a little depth. This could be a good accent color throughout the house.

BM Kendall Charcoal 


I love how Kendall Charcoal and Stormy Sky (below) add some drama! Not sure where I would use these – possibly the kitchen island and ?? 

BM Stormy Sky


BM Palladian 

via Bower Power
via Bower Power

I really like this color for my office and the half bath. (Yes, friends, I will have my very own girl office. EEE!) It’s a little more fun and girly for me and also might work in the bathroom as more of a spa color. I could also see just using the lighter grey paint in there and then using accent pieces to bring in more color though too. 

Decisions. Decisions. What do you think?


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  • I can’t wait to get a new house so I can’t paint it gray. I love all of these shades but the Owl is probably my favorite. The Kendall Charcoal is my favorite of the darks. Good luck with everything!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  • Oh girl. I’m with you on the whole house paint colors. My bedroom is Palladian blue and it’s the happiest color ever. Ocean Air is a hair lighter… I’ve tried a handful of those colors you mentioned. Check out Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper. I also ended up liking Light Pewter more than I expected. You might try Whitestone if the undertones of Coventry Gray are too much… and gray owl is pretty!! You just reminded me that I need to finalize my paint colors because demo starts Monday!! Eeesshhh.

  • Conventry, Storm, and Palladian are pretty. I also like Kendall Charcoal for an accent color. I know that whatever colors you decide on they will look beautiful. :-)

    I hope that you have a great day today and a fabulous weekend!! xoxo

  • Oh girl I’m so excited for you guys!! I can’t wait to see it all come together because that kitchen is just gorgeous!! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  • The little preview of your new house is gorgeous! I’m excited to see the rest of it. :) Ah, welcome to the world of deciding on paint colors – my trick that has kept me sane is we decided early on to stick to a color palette of 4-6 paint colors, and then just use those colors in different rooms of the house. For example, we have one color for the family room and formal living room, one color for the bathrooms, and so on. I love all of your paint color inspiration – I’m sure you’ll make the right decision!

  • So I’m SO far behind but I love the sneak peek! There are so many windows! I can’t wait to see it all. I definitely think you should get rid of all that tan. Trust me, it photographs awful. And you’d be amazed at what a little spray paint will do to light fixtures! Love all your choices for paint!

  • Tamara

    I’m on the same hunt for the perfect gray! Check out Amazing Gray by Sherwin Williams – I think it is the winner for me!

  • jillian

    i like the BM coventry gray…and not to add another option for you but we love our BM stonington gray! xo jillian

  • Beautiful! I love the house!!!

    Our master bathroom is painted gray (Behr Castle Path) and I love it. When we bought this house, I was SO afraid of color that I painted the entire house a light beige — literally every room but the master bathroom and bedroom are beige — and while I don’t mind it, I wish I could change it…without having to repaint my entire house. Ha!

  • We have stonington gray through almost all of our house and it is a very true gray. I’m very happy with it. I also have storm in our entrance and hall bath- it pulls more of a blue tone so you’d probably really like that option!

  • Coventry grey is the only true grey I could find after 4 paint stores, endless swatches, and 13 paint samples painted on the wall. It was darker than I anticipated, so Olivia’s nursery is Coventry grey at 25% of the total tint to lighten it a lot. Hers is pretty light. I always buy paint, paint it on the wall and love it. But have learned that grey looks different on each wall. I did a small post if you search nursery. I love all your choices!! But start with a sample!

  • Loving that minty color! So gorgeous! We have Behr Natural Grey, which is more of a dove, all over our house…which use to be Mustard Yellow. Seriously. Yuck!
    I can’t wait to see more of your home it looks fabulous already!!! So excited for you!!

  • ahhh how exciting! painting before you move in is a great idea. i honestly love anything grey. can’t go wrong with grey!

  • The kitchen/living area is so amazing! Can’t wait to see the rest. I think I’m going to redo my living room in gray!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  • If they let you take the samples into the new house. I had a grey undertone wall color, then got wood floors, hated the colors and repainted my entire house… or I am still working on the hallway so many years later but still. Brown and grey don’t match in my eyes, unless you find a nice French grey which has a brown undertone to it. Just my opinion from my experience. :-) Cute house.

  • Megan

    Our whole house is SW Repose Gray with pure white trim. We love it! It’s a true gray which is really hard to find, but I think that’s what makes it look great no matter the light or other tones in the room.

  • Okay, you are going to laugh, but I seriously have Grey Owl, Storm, & Coventry Gray all in my house! Do my thoughts… Storm is my favorite!!! We used it in all the main living spaces on our Seattle house as well as our current house. It’s great with lots of windows & natural light. We used Grey Owl in our master bedroom and really like it as well! We used Coventry Gray in our mud room and I wouldn’t use it again. It’s the most blue out of those three grays, and I just don’t love it!

  • I feel you on the paint color debacle, haha. We’ve used BM Revere Pewter in a lot of our house and LOVE it! We had Grey Owl but painted over it because it read mostly blue, so you might like that. And I’m obsessed with Kendall Charcoal, I think I’m going to use that in our office… one of these days!

  • Congratulations, I can’t wait to see the home tour once you officially close! Love the grey tones, grey owl and conventry grey are beautiful! Xo, Stephanie

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