Oh Hey Friday


Hooray for the weekend and hooray for the official beginning of Spring! Can I get an amen? Here are my five this week…


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In case you missed it, I posted about my baby shower last weekend. Check it out here. Since the weekend was jam-packed, I’ve been a no good, very bad blogger lately and have so many blog posts to catch up on! My bloglovin feed is somewhere in the 100s of unread posts, so I apologize to all my blog friends and promise to catch up soon! I have been a busy little spending bee this week trying to get the rest of our essentials purchased for baby. I have lots of baby laundry to do this weekend and am excited to get that nursery organized and hospital bag packed soon! The fact that we are down to 5 weeks on the countdown has lit a fire under me!



Signs of spring! Those bulbs I randomly planted last year are sprouting in our yard! I LOVE spring bulbs and have always wanted to have a house/yard where I could plant them. Living in a condo doesn’t allow for much of that, but I’m so happy these will be blooming soon!



So last Friday I treated myself to a mani and got one of my favorite spring colors – Tart Deco. Or at least I thought it was Tart Deco…I went ahead and bought a bottle of it at Target this week since I love it so much and it was a totally different color! What the heck? Pregnancy brain at the nail salon or does the nail salon have it labeled wrong? I’m perplexed and determined to find a bottle of this stuff. 



Baby boy got his first teddy bears from my mom for the shower last weekend. Swoon! Are they not the cutest?They are so soft and cuddly, too. I still have my favorite teddy from childhood, so it’s special that baby’s first teddy was one of his first gifts from his grandma. :)



No plans this weekend hopefully means some major productivity will be happening. The hubs warned me he will be absorbed in work on Saturday and basketball the rest of the weekend, except maybe for Sunday morning. Gee, thanks hubs. Gotta love March. I’m hoping to see Cinderella soon though! I have to get in all the pre-baby movies I can before next month and I’ve been really wanting to see this one!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  • Yayyyy for spring! And LOVE that nail polish color! Those teddy bears are so cute and they really do look so soft! Happy Friday girl!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  • Your baby shower looked so cute, and those teddy bears are adorable!!!
    I haven’t seen Cinderella yet but I’ve heard SUCH good things about it!
    Any sign of Spring is a good one–I need more of those signs to make their way out so we can fully enjoy it!
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  • YAY for spring! Love seeing little signs of spring like those bulbs. As long as you read my blog posts, that is all that matters haha. Just kidding. That nail polish is pretty, and love those teddy bears. I want to see the Cinderella movie too. If we lived closer to each other I would go and see it with you. :-) Since obviously Chris would never go and see that with me haha.

    Eeeks to only 5 weeks left!! So exciting!! I hope that you are feeling good today and that you have a fab weekend lady!! XOXO

  • I love your baby shower. I’m due with my little boy on Tuesday, so its fun to “meet” another boy mama.

  • Awe, I love that your little man got his first stuffed animals! Even more special that they are from grandma. :) I’m dying to see Cinderella, too. The hubs promised me but has yet to follow through … ha! Hope you have a wonderful and productive weekend, lady!

  • Yay for the bulbs sprouting! Now that we have a new house I really want to get going on some gardening! Tart Deco is one of my serious favorites! Those teddy bears look SO cuddly and extra special since they are from your mom! Definitely see Cinderella, it was adorable! Low key weekends are the best :)

  • Your baby shower was so fantastic. Yay for spring. Those bears are so adorable. I so hope you get to see Cinderella, I too want to see it. I hear all good things about it. Have a great weekend.

  • Well I love the mani color you ended up getting…tart deco or not lol! Loved reading about your baby shower this past weekend…it was really great!! Hope you have a great Friday! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

  • I have also been wanting to see Cinderella!!! If you watch it, you’ll have to post how it was on your blog :)

  • Love that mani color! So perfect! I love planting bulbs because its always fun to see where they pop up the following year! My moms tulips are coming up like crazy, so happy spring is officially here!

  • that’s so weird about the nail colour, hope you find the right one! and yay i am seeing cinderella this weekend, so excited! have a good weekend darl xx

  • Half of my bulbs have already bloomed, it’s crazy! And I really want to see Cinderella… I might need to steal one of our neighbor girls to make it a little date!

  • I got a pedi

  • I got a pedi with a friend last weekend and loved the color I picked! Then she told me she’s looked for that color and has literally seen them mix their colors so it’s not a true OPI color, Umm what, not cool?! Maybe that’s what happened!

  • You shower looks so cute! And your nails look fabulous, a million times better than mine LOL Happy Friday! XO

  • Your baby shower looks so fun and you are looking great! Love your nail color! I hope to see Cinderella too.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  • Okay, first of all, those teddy bears are the SWEETEST thing I ever did see. So adorable – and definitely something your little man will have for years and years to come.

    Second of all, LOVE that nail color. Puts me in the spring mood just looking at it – if you find out the name, be sure to update us!

    And finally, I want to see Cinderella too! So badly! My hubby will be studying for his board exams this weekend, so I will be left to my own devices quite a bit too. Too bad we aren’t closer and we could have a prego movie date, lol!:)

  • Cheers to Spring for sure! Adore the teddy bear! Enjoy your weekend girl! xo

  • Hi from the link-up! I loved Cinderella! I’ve got to go!

  • I love your shower pics – it looks so cute!!!!! Those teddy bears look so soft and cuddly too!!! I have no idea on the nail color – that’s too funny though!

  • You look breathtaking with 5 weeks to go! What a fun shower :) Im heading to Cinderella next week when it comes out here in Australia – I cant wait!

  • Your shower looks adorable – I love all of the details, especially the bottles!

  • Julie Joy

    So jealous of your bulbs blossoming already! We still have some snow on the ground around here and it doesn’t seem to stay consistently warm! Hopefully soon! Love the mani color you chose! I was thinking about getting into the salon before the baby arrives! :) Hope you have a good weekend getting some stuff done! :)

  • Your baby shower looked adorable! I’m sure you and you’re new Mister are getting pampered! Have a great weekend!

  • His little bears are so cute, I still have two of my first stuffed animals as well. We saw a few flowers ready to bloom one day last week and then it snowed the next day :( but hopefully that was the end of the winter weather!

  • tart deco is one of my all time favs! looks awesome and so excited for you!!

  • What a great color! Have you found out what it is yet? I’d love to have it on my toes!

  • I love that nail polish. I have a bottle – you can borrow it πŸ˜‰ Super cute teddy’s! You’re movie theater times will diminish – but a netflix rental with a glass of wine after the baby goes down is a pretty good sub. I do want to see Cinderella though.