Cupcake Toppers + Tutorial for an Elegant Country Bridal Shower

Hello friends! Today I am finally sharing the cupcake toppers I made for my friend’s ‘elegant country’ bridal shower. The shower was back in October, so I apologize for being a little behind here from the holidays and weddings and such. Stay tuned for the entire bridal shower recap here in the next few weeks! Don’t forget to check out the DIY invitations I made for this shower here.

So, what is a cupcake topper you say?! It’s a little decoration to stick in your cupcakes. It has absolutely no use whatsoever except to look cute and add some pizazz to your partay. So, without further ado, here is the finished product shot! (Keep scrolling for the tutorial and more tips and pics.)



  • Wilton lollipop sticks
  • Scallop punch (I used a 1/2″)
  • Circle cutter (or punch)
  • Paper
  • Round white stickers
  • Glue stick
  • Strong adhesive tape
  • Stamps/ink

How I did it:

I did A LOT of experimenting trying to find what would work for the look I was going for. After much trial and error (mostly error), I ended up creating a handful of ‘bridal’ sayings in InDesign. (Click here to get the pdf printable version to make your own)


So the first step is to print your sayings out. I used light pink cardstock that had a little weathered texture to it.


Step 2: I used my scallop punch to punch each saying out for the inner circle.


Step 3: I used my circle cutter to cut out circles from kraft paper cardstock for the outer circle.


Step 4: I thought it looked a little plain so I used a stamp and watermark ink to give it some detail. This step is optional of course.


Step 5: I glued the pink inner circle onto the kraft paper outer circles. I just used a glue stick and that worked fine.


Step 6: I taped a pop stick to the back of the kraft paper circle with white stickers (purchased at an office store). This was easier and stuck better than just using regular tape.

Some people end it there and just have one-sided cupcake toppers, but that looks weird and unfinished to me, so I made mine double-sided.


Step 7: The last step is to glue the back of another kraft circle to the back (with the pop stick in between). I used the strongest tombo adhesive I could find for this.


And voila! You’re done. They definitely add a little extra to a special event and help tie a party theme together.

If I could do it again:

  • I would not use so much cardstock! My paper was a little too thick and the two sides did not want to stick together that well.
  • I might just use printables for the entire thing instead of punching out two circles pieces for one side. Even though I didn’t want to use printables because I thought they’d use too much ink, it’s definitely less time consuming.

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10 thoughts on “Cupcake Toppers + Tutorial for an Elegant Country Bridal Shower

  1. Super-cute! :) Cupcake toppers are one of those little “extra” details that really make a party special and pretty! Newest fb “Like”!

    April Hoff

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